Brand Explorer

While working in corporate finance my focus was on alternative data, which is essentially anything that isn't traditional financial (fundamental) data. This can include really diverse datasets including geospatial, webscraped, and demographic.

My job was to allow my users, who were professional investors, to visually explore datasets so they could determine if that dataset could lead to investment insights.

This example features a scraped dataset that was pretty ubiquitous across alt data shops at the time: Amazon bestseller data. I created a tableau dashboard that allows users to explore ranking, change over time, percent of total change over time and more. Really, I created a series of organized dashboards and gave my users the power to decide usefulness.

I presented this particular example at Lesbians Who Tech. It illustrates how ranking for different brands of chocolate varies by season: Hershey's peaks at Halloween, Dove at Valentine's and Lindt at easter: